Are Mini Split Systems the More Efficient Choice for Your Home?

Montgomery Heating and Aire|Air Conditioner|October 29, 2018

Mini split air conditioner systems have gotten a significant amount of coverage in recent years. Hailed as the more efficient cooling and heating option, mini split systems are essentially high-efficiency home AC units with the ability to run in reverse and heat the home. Montgomery Heating of Mountain Home, AR, has been a leader in central heating and cooling installation, as well as repair for years.

The Mountain Home experts offer an overview of the mini split system and a guide for determining if the system is the best fit for your home. Read on to learn why mini split systems are considered more efficient and whether they’re the best choice for your home. 

Why Are Mini Split Systems More Energy Efficient? 

The reason for the increased interest among customers and HVAC installation technicians is the fact that, for many homes, they recycle energy and use gas instead of electricity, making them more energy efficient. By incorporating the ability to heat and cool your home through the same system, mini split systems save time, labor, and energy bill costs for many families. Because these systems are ductless, it automatically eliminates the risk of duct leaks in your home or apartment.

Is the Mini Split System Right for Your Home?
Despite all of these advantages, mini split systems will not work for every home. These AC systems work best in homes where the heating and cooling needs are minimal and effective insulation is in place. Therefore, smaller homes and apartments are perfect candidates for mini split systems while larger homes (those with over 1,000 square feet) are better off with more traditional HVAC systems. Another factor to consider is electricity’s tenancy to cost more than gas. Depending on the rates of your local electric company, the increase in electric bills may offset the financial benefits of the system. 

Are you wondering if a mini split system will save you money and work well with the structure of your home? Call (870) 435-1501, or visit the Montgomery Heating website to learn more about the company’s HVAC services, and schedule a consultation with one of the company’s HVAC installation and repair specialists.  


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