How Heat Pumps Work During the Colder Months

Montgomery Heating and Aire|Winter|October 29, 2018

Heat pumps are an effective piece of equipment that can be used to both heat and cool a home. During the warm season, they move heat out of the house to produce a cooling effect, but when the colder months arrive, they reverse their operation to transfer heat inside. Installing a heat pump can often be a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option over traditional heating systems.

The HVAC experts at Montgomery Heating & Aire are committed to providing the residents of Mountain Home, AR, with the best solutions for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. They carry high-quality products designed to help homes run as efficiently as possible.

For homeowners to determine whether or not a heat pump is right for their property, they must understand how they work. When heat pumps are used in cold weather, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, water, and ground outside and releases it into a home through the outdoor unit. The compressor will change the state of the refrigerant by pressurizing it from gas form into hot liquid. It will then travel to the indoor coils of the system where the blower will take the heat from the refrigerant and discharge it into the home’s ductwork.

This can be confusing since it seems there is no heat to absorb when it’s cold outside, but there is plenty of heat available. However, those who live in extreme climates may find it more efficient to have a secondary method for heating their homes in particularly freezing temperatures. Heat pumps require similar maintenance as a furnace to achieve optimum performance, which includes replacing the air filters regularly and having them professionally serviced twice a year.

Heat pumps can cut down on energy consumption and save quite a bit on utility expenses. There are a few different types of heat pumps, so it’s best to speak with an HVAC contractor to identify which one is the most suitable option for a property. Contact Montgomery Heating & Aire by calling (870) 435-1501, or visit them online to view the products available. 


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