5 Reasons You Might Need Wintertime Heating Repair

Montgomery Heating and Aire|Maintenance |October 25, 2018

When your HVAC system acts up during the summertime, it can be inconvenient, causing uncomfortable warmth inside of your home. In the winter, however, having no heat can have more serious implications. To keep your home and its occupants safe, it’s essential to call for heating repair at the first sign of an issue. Keep an eye out for any of the potential problems described below.

5 Reasons You Might Need Wintertime Heating Repair

1. Cold Spots
There could be a number of culprits behind uneven temperature distribution throughout your home. While it’s possible the issue may have to do with poor insulation, a problem with your HVAC system may also be to blame. Ductless HVAC systems are a great option for addressing notoriously warm or cool areas of the home.

2. Thermostat Issues
If your heating system doesn’t kick on when you turn the temperature up on your thermostat, it’s an indication of a problem. A broken thermostat could prevent your heating system from working properly. The fix could be as simple as installing a new thermostat or rewiring the existing system. 

3. Carbon Monoxide
A severe issue homeowners face when their HVAC systems are running round-the-clock is the threat of a carbon monoxide leak. Because the gas is clear and odorless, it’s essential to have a detector in your home. At the first indication of carbon monoxide, open your windows, shut off your HVAC system, and evacuate your home before calling for assistance.

4. Frozen Pipes
If you’re away from your home and don’t realize your heat has failed to kick on, you could come home to frozen pipes. Since water expands as it freezes, frozen pipes often go hand-in-hand with burst pipes and significant water damage. Always have someone check in on your home regularly if you plan to travel during the winter months.

5. Pilot Light Problems
A common issue with furnaces is a faulty pilot light. Whether you use gas or oil to heat your home, most systems require a working pilot light to run. If the flame isn’t staying lit or is too low, it may cause your furnace to stop working.
No matter what your heating issue entails, the team from Montgomery Heating & Aire can help. Serving Mountain Home, AR, this team of heating and AC specialists provide prompt, reliable service to keep your home comfortable year-round. If you need heating repair or maintenance services, call the friendly professionals at (870) 435-1501. You can also visit the website to learn more about the services available.


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